About the Project

Development of a mobile robot-unit taking data inside a cooling tower without disturbing the cooling-process of the plant.

Designing and development

What is the project

For estimating the local characteristics of a cooling tower, 200 to 400 sensors for air-velocity and temperature are mounted.

This project creates a robot for measuring these data without disturbing the cooling-process. This mobile system is equipped with an anemometer and a temperature sensor can measure at predefined points controlled by a servo-positioning system. It is resistant against the hot and wet atmosphere and is transmitting the data to the mobile station near the cooling-tower for processing the data and controlling the robot position.

One of the basis of with aid of robot-unit obtained results of

  • velocity profiles
  • temperature profiles

and measured integral cooling tower parameters the partners propose customer suitable upgrade measures on the basis of which the termal performance of cooling tower is raised for about 2 to 5 %.

About physical modelling : TASC FLOW

TASCflow™ is an integrated and software system capable of solving diverse and complex multi-dimensional fluid flow problems. The fluid flow solver, TASCflow3D provides solutions for incompresible or compressible, steady-state or transient, laminar or turbulent single-phase fluid flow in complex geometries. The software uses block-structured non-orthogonal grids with grid embedding and grid attaching to discretize the domain. The software system has additional capabilities which can predict subsonic, transonic and supersonic compressible flows to Mach 3.0, and solve for the temperature solution in solid regions of the domain simultaneously with the prediction of laminar or turbulent flow. As well, TASCflow has additional capability of the Eddy Dissipation Model for the simulation of turbulent reacting fluid mixtures of separate physical components or species, and the Lagrangian Tracking Model for calculation of discrete particle trajectories in hydrodynamic flow field.