Project Partners

Who takes part:
Four partners from three different European areas get together to realise an new system to optimize powerplants.

TURBOINSTITUT (Ljubljana, Slovenia)


  • Development and manufacturing of mobile robot unit

  • Development and manufacturing of measuring equipment
  • Physical modelling of cooling tower heat transfer
  • Knowledge about characteristics of heat transfer in cooling towers
  • Knowledge about air mapping measurements
  • Customer expert valuation for upgrade measures

OPTOTEK (Ljubljana,Slovenia)

  • Software development for the robot
  • Development of robot positioning system in a measuring plane
  • Signal transmission equipment development

K.U. Leuven Prof. R. Belmans (Belgium)


  • Project coordination
  • Thermal and flow modelling

  • Electric drive optimisation
  • Development of electromotors and energy supply

Dr.E.Steinweg Frankfurt, (Germany)

  • Support

  • Marketing